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Analysis: Carbon Baron Gore

By Lawrence Solomon At the turn of the 20th century, a period famous for its Robber Barons, John D. Rockefeller was making his fortune in oil, Andrew Carnegie in steel, Cornelius Vanderbilt in railroads and J.P Morgan in finance. Many predict that the history books of the future, when listing the legendary fortunes made at the turn of the 21st century, will place Al Gore at ... Full story

My Thoughts on Gore as Climate Change Czar

There could be a good reason why Al Gore was not appointed to be part of Barack Obama’s administration. Maybe he paid all of his taxes, and on time. That’s an instant disqualification. Full story

Gore Indoctrinates 3,000 Children

(H/T: Glenn Beck). Glenn Beck found some audio of Al Gore speaking to 9,000 children about global warming. He tells the kids they shouldn’t listen to their parents and that they are not bound by “old assumptions”. The audio of the speech can be heard at the link below. You can read the transcript from Glenn’s show on the ... Full story

The Earth is in ‘Grave Danger’, Says Gore

Even with a winter storm pounding Washington DC, global warming activist Al Gore gave his testimony this morning before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, headed up by fellow Democrat John Kerry of Massachusetts. Mr. Gore said the nation must break its dependence on oil and that the planet is in grave danger. During his speech, the former Vice President presented a slideshow to ... Full story

Gore Asks for Action on Global Warming Despite Economy

Former Vice President Al Gore plans to ask the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today in Washington to take decisive action on global warming, despite the current economic troubles. He will also ask the committee to pass Barack Obama’s economic stimulus package, which will invest dollars in green and renewable energy, to help dig the country out of it’s economic rut. Here’s my question ... Full story

Gore’s Global Warming Appeal Before Senate May Be on Snowy Day

The Gore Effect is in full swing.  He is scheduled to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday and now weather forecasters are calling for a winter storm watch with the potential for significant snow, sleet or ice accumulations. Full story

Gore the Part-Time Climate Czar

While Gore denied any interest in being a part of Obama’s appointments in his administration after the election, the former Vice President is scheduled to appear before a Senate panel as a climate expert next Wednesday. Chairman of the Foreign Relations Panel, Democrat John Kerry, said that he would make global warming a premier piece of the committee’s work. Kerry wants the the ... Full story

Gore Effect in Italy

The Gore Effect has far-reaching tentacles. This time, as the ex-veep spoke in Milan, Italy, last week on global warming, snow piled up outside of the venue and Rome, Naples, Palermo and Sicily were under slight snow/freezing rain. The Alps have already reached record snow levels not found in previous decades. Want a white Christmas? I suppose you could invite Al ... Full story

Jet-Setting Gore

Planet Gore has an update on the ex-veep’s most recent travels. Before heading off to Poland tomorrow to address the climate change conference attendees and plans for a new Kyoto protocol, Gore flew to Chicago today to meet with The One to discuss climate and energy issues. I hope for all of our sakes that The One has surrounded himself with scientists with ... Full story

Were They Separated at Birth?

I’d post the picture here, but I don’t want to steal the thunder of my friend Tom over at Climate Change Fraud. Visit the link below to see exactly who he feels was separated at birth. I’ll give you a hint: one of them is Gore. Full story
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