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Opinion: The Global Warming Scare is All Over but the Shouting

By Lawrence Solomon The great global warming scare is over — it is well past its peak, very much a spent force, sputtering in fits and starts to a whimpering end. You may not know this yet. Or rather, you may know it but don’t want to acknowledge it until every one else does, and that won’t happen until the press, much of which also knows ... Full story

Analysis: Cherry Picking of Historic Proportions

Joanne Nova A big news day. It appears Steve McIntyre (volunteer unpaid auditor of Big-Government-Science) has killed the Hockey Stick a second time... The details are on the last three days of Steve McIntyre's site Climate Audit , and summed up beautifully on Watts Up. The sheer effrontery and gall appears to be breathtaking. The Briffa temperature graphs have been widely cited as evidence by the IPCC, yet ... Full story

Hidden Proxy Data Reveal Artificial Warming Trend

We've always suspected that Mann's tree ring proxies aren't all they are cracked up to be. The graph below is stunning in it's message and I'm pleased to present it to WUWT readers. I'm sure the Team is already working up ways to say "it doesn't matter". The quote of the week is: "I hardly know where to begin in terms of commentary on this difference." ... Full story

British Public Resentful and Bored by Climate Change, Warns IPPR

The general public are resentful, cynical and resigned when it comes to the issue of climate change, according to an IPPR report. Unless they can be persuaded to adopt lower-carbon lifestyles, it will be impossible to meet new emissions targets, says the report. An approach based on saving the public money, and giving them greater control over energy bills and independence from suppliers would be more effective, ... Full story

Opinion: It’s Time to Drop the Hype and Get Real About Climate Change

By Lorrie Goldstein This December, world leaders will gather in Denmark to draft a successor agreement to the Kyoto Accord. This means you'll be hearing increasing hysteria this fall -- hard to imagine, I know -- from all the usual "green" suspects about how we have only months left to save the planet from man-made global warming. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon warned last week ... Full story

India Attacks Western Climate Alarmism

By James Lamont in New Delhi, Joshua Chaffin in Are and Fiona Harvey in London A split between rich and poor nations in the run-up to climate-change talks widened on Thursday. India rejected key scientific findings on global warming, while the European Union called for more action by developing states on greenhouse gas emissions. Jairam Ramesh, the Indian environment minister, accused the developed world of needlessly raising ... Full story

G8 Emissions Pledge Unravels as Russia Objects

By Anna Smolchenko - 2 hours ago L'AQUILA, Italy (AFP) - G8 plans for deep cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions began unravelling on Wednesday shortly after leaders signed on to the deal as Russia rejected a key plank as "unacceptable". G8 leaders agreed to bear the brunt of steep global cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, calling on a broader bloc of developed countries to reduce ... Full story

Opinion: Reason Clouded by Carbon

Peter Schwerdtfeger ALTHOUGH there are many doubters of man-made climate change, I am not yet one of them. But I remain unconvinced that carbon dioxide is the sole bete noire. Two decades ago, I pored over the spectral properties of the infra-red radiation of this gas, which is essential to plant life, and found that it was almost completely overshadowed by the radiative properties of ... Full story

Antarctic Ice Shelves Show No Sign of Climate Change

Christian Kerr ANTARCTIC ice shelves are showing no sign of climate change, six years of unique research have shown. Scientists from Western Australia's Curtin University of Technology are using acoustic sensors developed to support the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty to listen for the sound of icebergs breaking away from the giant ice sheets of the south pole. "More than six years of observation has not ... Full story

Climate Revolt Threatens to Split U.S. Democrats

By LISA LERER & JONATHAN MARTIN Angered by White House decisions on everything from greenhouse gases to car dealerships, congressional Democrats from rural districts are threatening to revolt against parts of President Barack Obama's ambitious first-year agenda. "They don't get rural America," said Rep. Dennis Cardoza, a Democrat who represents California's agriculture-rich Central Valley. "They form their views of the world in large cities." Cardoza's ... Full story
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