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Climate Alarmism, Media Bias and the Rise of the New Media

Benny Peiser, Liverpool John Moores University, Faculty of Science, UK Paper to be presented at the Climate Conference in the European Parliament, Brussels, 18 November 2009 Media coverage of climate change has markedly declined in the last two years. The global financial crisis and the growing realisation that unilateral climate policies are exerting a potentially devastating burden on European industries have led to a significant cooling of ... Full story

Copenhagen: Nations May Settle for Interim Steps

By JOHN M. BRODER WASHINGTON — With the clock running out and deep differences unresolved, it now appears that there is little chance that international climate change negotiations in Copenhagen in December will produce a comprehensive and binding new treaty on global warming. The United States and many other major pollutant-emitting countries have concluded that it is more useful to take incremental but important steps toward a ... Full story

Copenhagen Poker: India May Offer Climate Compromise in Exchange for UN Security Seat

By: Nitin Sethi NEW DELHI: India seems to have begun to shuffle its feet in the climate change negotiations. Environment minister Jairam Ramesh, in a confidential letter to the PM, has suggested that India junk the Kyoto Protocol, delink itself from G77 -- the 131-member bloc of developing nations -- and take on greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments under a new deal without any counter guarantee ... Full story

Copenhagen Climate Poker: China Mulls Next Move

BEIJING -- China's top legislature will consider a draft resolution on climate change next week, state media said, after a report by the country's policy experts said the government should take action so the country's carbon dioxide emissions peak around 2030. China is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases and has not set a cap on its emissions, believing it needs to continue to expand its ... Full story

China Syndrome: Senator Kerry Begins to Panic

Charlie McElwee At the end of his trip to China in May, Senator Kerry was feeling positively giddy about the prospects of a deal with China at Copenhagen: “Based on these meetings, I am very optimistic at the possibility of producing a successful outcome in Copenhagen,” said Kerry. He described his talks in Beijing as the “most constructive and productive” climate change talks he had ever had with ... Full story

Stubborn West Thows Spanner in Climate Talks

L'AQUILA (Italy): Attempts to forge a global consensus to battle climate change suffered a serious setback as developed countries tried to wriggle out of any short-term commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and instead, demanded that developing economies such as India and China accept emission reducing targets. At a meeting of the Major Economies Forum (MEF) in Rome on Tuesday evening, the developed countries ... Full story

Opinion: Reason Clouded by Carbon

Peter Schwerdtfeger ALTHOUGH there are many doubters of man-made climate change, I am not yet one of them. But I remain unconvinced that carbon dioxide is the sole bete noire. Two decades ago, I pored over the spectral properties of the infra-red radiation of this gas, which is essential to plant life, and found that it was almost completely overshadowed by the radiative properties of ... Full story

Campaigners Fear Obama Will Settle for Climate Deal with China

David Adam As another set of climate talks wrap up with little outward sign of progress, are the chances of a new global deal to combat the threat of global warming slipping out of reach? Even battle-hardened green campaigners saw few reasons for optimism this week in Bonn. One group was considering whether to simply reissue the same press release about the state of negotiations they ... Full story

The GHF Report and the Overly Credulous Media

Roger Pielke, Jr. Last week I was very critical of a report issued by the Global Humanitarian Forum, run by Kofi Annan former Secretary General of the United Nations. Over the weekend I see that Annan described the report as not being a scientific study: The research was carried out by Dalberg Global Advisers, a consultancy firm, who collated all existing statistics on the human impacts ... Full story

Editorial Staff: The Other Side of the Story Scared Me More Than Al Gore

Alanna Wallace, a member of the editorial staff of The Cord Weekly (a student publication of Wilfrid Laurier University), watched Al Gore’s pretty slideshows and listened to the doom-and-gloom voiceovers. Soon she had convinced her family to buy green everything in an effort to save the planet. But why? Wallace started researching the other side of the global warming debate and found ... Full story
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