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Mike Hulme: Time to Ditch the Climate Consensus

By Stuart Blackman Interview Just two years ago, Mike Hulme would have been about the last person you'd expect to hear criticising conventional climate change wisdom. Back then, he was the founding director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, an organisation so revered by environmentalists that it could be mistaken for the academic wing of the green movement. Since leaving Tyndall - and ... Full story

Reality Check: China’s Coal Production Soaring

More of the world's electricity was generated from coal last year, reveals a new industry report, pointing at the futility of unilateral EU moves to cut down CO2 emissions. The 2008 market report of EURACOAL, the industry association representing the European coal industry, shows that global hard coal production increased by at least 200 million tonnes (Mt) last year, most of which was mined in China. ... Full story

World will not meet 2C warming target, climate change experts agree

Guardian poll reveals almost nine out of 10 climate experts do not believe current political efforts will keep warming below 2C Almost nine out of 10 climate scientists do not believe political efforts to restrict global warming to 2C will succeed, a Guardian poll reveals today. An average rise of 4-5C by the end of this century is more likely, they say, given soaring carbon emissions ... Full story

G20, Developing Nations Slay Brown’s Green Agenda

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor. It was meant, in Gordon Brown's words, to strike "a global green new deal" to tackle climate change and pull the world out of recession at the same time. In fact, the G20 meeting has sharply put back the chance of an international pact to stop global warming running out of control. Far from being at the heart of last week's London ... Full story

Greenies, Climate Change Biggest Losers of G20 Summit

Julian Borger and Felicity Carus The $1.1 trillion stimulus package agreed by G20 leaders yesterday risks locking the world into a high-carbon economy in which greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, environmental groups have warned. Campaigners agreed that the summit's biggest loser was the fight against climate change, despite a positive response from global financial markets to the announcement of financial aid. At the summit, prime ... Full story

Uncontrolled Population Growth Threatens Planet

After writing the article on how abortion and taxes are being used to limit population growth in an effort to save the planet, the BBC has come out with an article today on the very same subject. It seems that uncontrolled population growth is hindering efforts to save the planet. The answer isn’t simply just reducing consumption, but reducing populations as, according to ... Full story

Polar Bear Propaganda Down the Thames

A 16 foot sculpture of a polar bear and cub stranded on an iceberg is being pulled down the Thames River by a tugboat in an effort to raise awareness of climate change. The 1.5 ton structure took a team of 15 artists two months to construct. After it leaves the London area, the sculpture will travel to other parts of England. ... Full story

Six Most Embarrassing Moments in Environmentalism

Every so often it’s fun to take a step back and poke a little fun at the global warming alarmists here at Skeptics Global Warming. Many incriminate themselves with sheer hypocrisy and arrogance that does little to further their cause: to stop global temperatures from rising by reducing man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Every time one of these supposed friends of the ... Full story

Gore and Environmentalists Celebrate Changing of the Guard

The Associated Press is reporting on the celebration happening in Washington as Democrat Barack Obama prepares to be sworn into office. Among those participating, former Vice President and global warming frontman Al Gore, singer Melissa Etheridge and Blair Underwood, all of whom attended a green ball Monday night. Walking on mossy green carpet made partially from recycled fiber. Any carbon footprint made ... Full story

Environmentalists to Blame for US Airways 1549 Crash into Hudson River?

In January 2004, US Senator Charles Schumer announced a $200,000 earmark to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to implement non-lethal methods of removing Canadian geese from New York. Schumer said, “Canada geese are overrunning our parks and open spaces and their droppings are polluting our water and our land.” The issue came up in 2004 because of a geese problem on Riker’s ... Full story
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