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Kyoto, A Perspective: Part 9

Tony picks up in this week's edition of The Kyoto Files where he left off last week:  if we are forced to reduce 15% of the total energy production, mostly in coal-fired power plants, what are the implications to the United States?  With many coal plants planned for construction already abandoned before the first foundation is laid, why aren't solar plants popping up everywhere?  It's ... Full story

Kyoto, A Perspective: Part 8

Tony continues his series on current power usage this week. Learn how electricity is generated in the United States and Australia and by what means. But the big picture item in this week’s edition is coal-fired power plants and how our sources of electricity would change if we were to adopt the Kyoto Protocol. Just how much of our total coal-supplied power ... Full story

Kyoto, A Perspective: Part 7

Tony picks up where he left off last week on the topic of current power usage. He examines the different types of power plants in one of the U.S. states, and looks to Malawi and Australia for comparisons of total power produced. So how does a country like Malawi compare to Australia and Pennsylvania? Find out, and learn much more about electricity, ... Full story

Kyoto, A Perspective: Part 6

Tony is back again this week for the first of a two-part series on current power use.  His article does justice to explaining how power is generated and used, and why many office buildings need a constant supply of power.  It's a good read to understand why different sized power plants are needed and why the big ones aren't necessarily the best ones during a ... Full story

Kyoto, A Perspective: Part 5

In this week’s Kyoto Files, Tony explores the three possibilities of how a carbon tax could be implemented, and what each would mean. Also, changing light bulbs is good, but people aren’t really going to change their lifestyles to make a difference in the planet. Plus, Tony breaks down why carbon taxes are a bad idea - especially when carbon emittters are still ... Full story

Kyoto, A Perspective: Part 4

Tony picks up where he left off last week in part four of the ongoing series, Kyoto, A Perspective. In this edition, Tony explains the psychology behind global warming (it’s about the money, folks) and how psychology is used to get you to pay extra to help offset the carbon from your next flight. Does it help? Read the entire article at ... Full story

Kyoto, A Perspective: Part 3

In our ongoing series on the Kyoto Protocol, Tony takes a look at greenhouse gas cuts, what China isn’t doing to solve the problem and just how many people will be left in the dark to get us to 5% less than 1990 greenhouse gas levels. If you’re new to the Kyoto Files, you can go here to read the previous editions and ... Full story

Kyoto, A Perspective: Part 2

The Kyoto Protocol asked for nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 5% less than they were in 1990. Pretty easy, right? So why did 175 countries ratify the protocol but not the United States? Find out as we continue part two of the series, “The Kyoto Files.” Full story

Kyoto, A Perspective: Part I

I recently had the privilege of “meeting” a fellow global warming skeptic known as “Tony from Oz”. Tony is a regular contributor over at the PA Pundits blog and his specialty certainly seems to be the Kyoto Protocol, a set of legislative guidelines drawn up by the United Nations in an effort to reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Many countries have signed on ... Full story is an Privacy Policy and Legal
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