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Global Warming is the Greatest Farce of this Century

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has written 2022 stories on this site.

A social and fiscal conservative, I scour the news for information that disputes the current man-made global warming indoctrination that takes place around the world. I take a rather sarcastic approach to reporting on the nonsense being spewed by the talking heads in the media and the governments around the world.

8 Comments on “Global Warming is the Greatest Farce of this Century”

  • sarah J wrote on 6 September, 2008, 12:35

    It most certainly is!!! Scientists were also convinced at one point the earth was flat. That certainly has been proved wrong. Humans are so insignificant in the heating and cooling process of the earth its ridiculous. The earth is an estimated 4.5 billion years old, and there have been at the very least 4 ice ages. That means that the earth would have warmed, and all the melted glaciers, polar ice caps etc… would have evaporated into the atmosphere, and eventually condensed again, forming an ICE AGE.

    Now, unless someone would try to convince me humans also had a hand in the last four ice age patterns, I think it’s safe to say that we have nothing at all to do with it. For all you petulant screwballs out there who are so condescending as to think man is powerful enough to offset universal evolution, perhaps you need to reevaluate your surroundings!

    Read a book and get your facts straight. If there’s one thing that annoys me, its the fundamentally moronic people who jump on the bandwagon of the newest and greatest problem, without knowing a single thing about it.

    If you still believe in the global warming farce, I think that it is also very fair to say that we being mighty and powerful humans also control the rotation of earth on its axis and the appearance of Halley’s comet every 75 years

  • Mark Siebert wrote on 26 September, 2008, 10:18

    Honey Bunny
    Global warming is a fact – we can see it through the layers of ice laid down over melinia at the polar caps. Whether man can influence or assist this process is debatable ad nauseam. Yes 12 million bison give of about as much methane as 12 million cars – who knows – but on thing should be considered, is the amount of increased astrophysical frequency the planet is giving of at the moment. With all this electricity flying, from high voltage to cell phones, then you got all those little heads, billions of them all giving of good infrared frequencies. Astrophysically the frequency of the planet is raising, no huts or buts about it. Is this effecting the temperature – what do you thing – is there a vibrational tie up here – you can certainly see a bright planet from the night side – never mind the other stuff you cant see, For me maybe the carbon footprint is only about 10% responsible. So buy that 4×4, and if you like your cabbage, eat as much as you want – but save the TV, those mobile calls and don’t think so much – Honey Bunny

  • DJ Bauer wrote on 26 September, 2008, 15:32

    Mark-You are wrong. The earth has dropped over 1.5 degrees F in the last 18 months. All four data recording stations showed that. So “chill out” and listen to Sarah. She actually is correct.

  • cfdman wrote on 27 September, 2008, 14:02

    Siebert Buddy,

    Your a condescending idiot, Sarah is correct.

    When wrong, change subjects? Now its electrical activity? Because your losing the CO2 debate, the ice debate, the temperature debate, and the solar debate – switch to “voltage” and “cell phones”.

    Do you know anything about physics, engineering or climate? Electrical activity in the radio frequency does not increase temperatures of anything, your thinking of microwaves. In addition, if you consider all of human activities in this area (radio transmissions), you dont get enough energy to boil off an olympic size swimming pool. There just is not enough energy, even if all the worlds radio tranmissions were focused on one pool. BTW, there are 1E16 swimming pools worth of water in our atmosphere, and around 1E26 in the ocean – so even if you could boil off an entire pools worth of water, that woudl be the equivalent of 1E-7 degrees C.


    Lets move on.

  • cfdman wrote on 27 September, 2008, 14:35


    1E20 swimming pools in the ocean, I slipped a digit – my mistake.

  • Skeptic wrote on 27 September, 2008, 17:16

    Watch the personal attacks guys. Feel free to attack the arguments, not the people giving them.

  • Perf wrote on 7 October, 2008, 15:29

    sarah J

    No, scientist did not believe that the earth was flat neither did people in the ancient world. The idea of a flat earth arose in the 19th century.

    It wasn’t until the mid-1800s when a self-described doctor and radical socialist named Samuel Birley Rowbotham – operating under the alias “Parallax” – crafted a new philosophy based on the flatness of the earth in response to what he saw as scientific elitism and an increasing disregard for the biblical account of creation. Parallax built a hugely successful career as a lecturer, and inspired a wave of flat-earth believers. His followers campaigned and debated against the mostly amateur scientists of the time, often putting them on the defensive in newspapers and other public forums.

  • DAVID Bradford wrote on 20 November, 2008, 23:57

    Never mind electromagnetic radiation made by mankind as the radiation of the universe is so great
    that we are only a pinprick compared to what bombards the planet 24 /7 indeed one of neighbours Jupitor
    generates so much energy it is detected on Earth. Also on Universe matters our supplier of warmth is
    a variable star and we do not influence that either but our planet feels the effect. I rest my case. is an Privacy Policy and Legal
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