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Forget Kyoto: Record Rise of Global CO2 Emissions

Global carbon dioxide emissions in 2008 rose 1.94 percent year-on-year to 31.5 billion tonnes, German renewable energy industry institute IWR said on Monday, based on official information and its own research.

The private institute, which is based in Muenster and advises German ministries, said climate-harming (sic) carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions rose for the tenth year in succession, running counter to the 1997 Kyoto Protocol aimed at trying to cut CO2 emissions by 5.2 percent by 2012.

“Kyoto is not working out,” said IWR Managing Director Norbert Allnoch. Global emissions are 40 percent above those in 1990, the basis year for the treaty.


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A social and fiscal conservative, I scour the news for information that disputes the current man-made global warming indoctrination that takes place around the world. I take a rather sarcastic approach to reporting on the nonsense being spewed by the talking heads in the media and the governments around the world.

One Comment on “Forget Kyoto: Record Rise of Global CO2 Emissions”

  • sabreTruthTiger wrote on 18 August, 2009, 6:49

    Global warming is a scam, fact. The global temperature is decreasing not increasing!!!! The most reliable sets of global temperature data we have, using microwave sounding units show no appreciable temperature increases, especially during the critical period 1978-97 when surface temperatures jumped, which makes it likely that that surface anomaly was due to Urban Heat Island effect. The models used by the IPCC do not take into account the most important ocean oscillations which clearly do affect global temperatures, namely the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, and the El Nino Southern Oscillation. The PDO coincides with Global temperatures and has turned negative in the last few years along with Global temperatures.
    The models also ignored the significant effect of solar radiation ions that cause clusters of Ozone, Sulphur Dioxide, and water vapour that attract water vapour and form clouds. Studies on the Greenland Ice shelf show there is no increased velocity of ice movement whatsoever! According to the erroneously named “Large and Rapid Melt-Induced Velocity Changes in the Ablation Zone of the Greenland Ice Sheet” There was one extremely and suspicious large ice movement over one week in Aug 2006, but up until and since then it’s been as it always was.
    The idea that the doubling of CO2 concentrations would cause more water vapour to form which in turn would block (OLR)outgoing long wave radiation creating GW is false. As Upper level temperature and CO2 have increased, water vapour has a tendency to decrease in the Upper Troposphere which overall allows the same amount of OLR to escape.
    The Climate models also predict an unrealistic amount of water vapour in the upper atmosphere due to faulty sub-grid parameterization and the overestimation of the role of cumulonimbus convection in bringing vapour to the upper atmosphere.
    Cumulonimbus convection only occurs in 2-3 percent of the global area, The mass that goes up in the deep convective clouds is then advected out and sinks due to radiational cooling and the need for mass balance. ALSO the Cumulonimbus convection actually leads to more return flow subsidence, enhance upper level subsidence actually acts to REDUCE upper layer water vapour and enhances the Outgoing Longwave Radiation!!
    The grid which is a Global unit of area measurement in the Climate models does not take into account sub-grid convective/subsidence and produces a false average activity. These faulty parameterization schemes underestimate the amount of
    activity and Outgoing Longwave Radiation and lead to a warmng effect. The Models also predict a large corelation between the upper and lower Troposphere which causes them to artificially moisten the Upper region when in actual fact observations show little or no correlation! This is important as it’s not the total amount of precipital water that matters(this goes up with temperature) but the amount near the Upper Tropospheric emission level that’s important as this determines the amount of Outgoing Longwave Radiation.

    Computer models also predict that Greenhouse wrming will cause a hotspot between 8-12 kms over the tropics between 30 N and 30 S. This hotspot has been proven not to exist!

    To Summarise: 1.Global temperatures are decreasing

    2. Oceanic Oscillations, most notably the PDO play a much bigger part in Global temperature than CO2.

    3. Solar radiation plays a bigger part in Global Temperature than CO2

    4. Greenland Ice is not increasing in velocity.

    5. Ice samples prove Global temperature changes precede CO2 changes showing that CO2is not the major driver of climate change.

    6. Relative humidity in the Upper Troposphere is incorrectly predicted by Computer models,using faulty sub-grid parameterization, and incorrectly ignoring the Cumulonimbus convective subsidence effect, also ignoring the radiative cooling effects of the upper Troposphere region. These errors lead to exaggerated water vapour, Outgoing Longwave Radiation and thus warming.

    Conclusion: Such scientifically erroneous procedures and conclusions are most likely politically motivated and part of a scheme to make billions/trillions from carbon taxes, raising power/food prices and providing a threat that scares the population into letting the government pass restrictive laws is an Privacy Policy and Legal
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