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The Global Warming Myth: Your Weekly Round-Up for December 26th, 2008

In the absence of my usual weekly round-up contributor, The Daily Bayonet, I will once again attempt to take the reins and guide all of you through the week-that-was in global warming mythology. Grab another slice of Christmas ham, pour some egg nog and enjoy the post.

Tom Nelson asks: if CO2 is overheating the Earth, why isn’t the Earth overheating? I think I hear crickets chirping.

By the third week of December, Portland Oregon had already beaten the December snowfall record. And while weather doesn’t equal climate, at least from the skeptical point of view, it does tie in nicely with wintry precipitation occurring around the rest of the United States. Las Vegas, Houston, Louisiana, Chicago and New England all experienced snow over the last few weeks.

I guess those of you in the deep freeze need some Buster Poindexter:

No more white Christmases by 2100. Is that the new goalpost this week?

Climate models are wrong? You betcha! Supposedly the Arctic melt is 20 years ahead of what the computer models predicted. Doesn’t this mean that we could be also be far behind where we should be in terms of global warming? I guess that wouldn’t come out in the media, now would it?

If you haven’t already done so, check out the Global Warming Myth Year-in-Review. Shameless plug, I know.

While I didn’t see any snow here on Christmas, it was forecast that all of Canada would have a white one. I haven’t talked to the Daily Bayonet this week, so I’ll have to get confirmation on that later.

Speaking of countries that begin with the letter “C”, China’s own Beijing had it’s coldest December day in 57 years.

Are you following along with the new series, The Kyoto Files? You should, and the latest post is Kyoto, A Perspective: Part 3. Tony From Oz is smacking down the Kyoto Protocol each week, and the series is expected to go every week for a year.

More green propaganda trying to wrap itself around the holiday designated to celebrate the birth of Christ here and here.

If you can’t beat them, act like an imbecile. That’s what one environmentalist did when trying to stop a land auction designated for the exploration of fossil fuels.

The IPCC declares that they don’t predict, they project. Badly, I might add.

A Princeton Physicist declares that global warming science is mistaken. These scientists that deny global warming are coming out of the woodwork now.

Seattle won’t salt their snow-and-ice covered roads because of the environment.

Turn off your Christmas lights to save the world.

Finish your Christmas dinner to save the world.

And buy carbon credits before you fly to save the world.

A few blogs for you to check out during the long weekend:


Global Climate Scam

Global Warming Skeptics

I’m sure The Daily Bayonet will be back next week reporting from the ice-chilled bunker in Canada. Until next week, I hope each of you had a Merry Christmas, and I wish you all the best in the new year!

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