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It’s Naturally Warming Oceans, Not CO2, That’s Causing the Problem

Photo courtesy scottfeldstein.

A study published in the scientific journal Climate Dynamics by Gilbert Compo and Prashant Sardeshmukh of the University of Colorado and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that naturally occurring warmth in the oceans, and not man-made greenhouse gas emissions, are cause for increased land temperatures. Heat and humidity from the warming oceans can be tied directly to any rise in land temperatures. Scientists concluded, “global warming may not be occurring in quite the manner one might have imagined.”


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A social and fiscal conservative, I scour the news for information that disputes the current man-made global warming indoctrination that takes place around the world. I take a rather sarcastic approach to reporting on the nonsense being spewed by the talking heads in the media and the governments around the world.

One Comment on “It’s Naturally Warming Oceans, Not CO2, That’s Causing the Problem”

  • Aaron wrote on 7 January, 2009, 12:45

    Do some fact checking for yourself. The paper the article is referring to discusses local scales vs. global scales. On a local scale the ocean has more influence than the GHG. The article you refer to is misleading, and makes the readers believe somehow the ocean is warming and GHG’s are not an issue. The authors of the paper state many times that GHG do contribute to the AGW on a global scale. But on a local scale the ocean has more to do with the warming we see. Not too surprising as the ocean is an enormous heat sync. is an Privacy Policy and Legal
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