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CO2 Capture Device Back in the News

Photo courtesy petrr and licensed by Creative Commons.

While I’ve touched on carbon capture devices in the past and how they’ve been denounced again and again and again by environmentalists, particle physicist Klaus Lackner of Columbia University understands their practicality in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Having already built one that removes tens of kilograms of CO2 each day from the air, he is ready to embark on a project to build one that will remove one ton of carbon from the air each day and would fit in a standard shipping container. If all of this works out, companies could build these to remove carbon from the air instead of paying for carbon credits and increased carbon taxes. No wonder environmentalists hate them.


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One Comment on “CO2 Capture Device Back in the News”

  • TonyfromOz wrote on 12 January, 2009, 10:42

    Some added perspective on this front.
    Just for the production of electrical power in the U.S. alone, the CO2 emissions amount to 4 Billion tons each and every year.
    When extrapolated out over the whole Planet, and from every source, 45 Billion tons of CO2 are emitted every year. This being the case for so many decades now, you’d think we’d be choking in the stuff. The concentration is still only 380 parts per million, and has changed very little over those decades. Greenhouse gas Gas makes up 2% of the Atmosphere, of which 1.96% is water vapor, the largest of the Greenhouse gases. CO2 comes next at 0.03% of the Atmosphere. Methane and trace gases make up the rest.
    Any changes we make here on the surface of the Planet will be utterly insignificant to that overall total of 45 Billion tons a year, and will cost us trillions of dollars, again, over decades for little, if any reduction in emissions.
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