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The Great Global Warming Failure

Photo courtesy scottfeldstein.

I’ve referred to Operation Desperation in a few of my posts and, while my inspiration comes from Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos, it’s meant as an umbrella under which various actions of the green crowd can be grouped as signs of desperation. The global warming activists are losing a stranglehold on the people of the world, and they have the Internet and talk radio to thank for it.

I recently reported on an article that said only 20% of the big four’s news reports contained the skeptical side of global warming. Watch the cable news and I bet you’ll find the same thing: doom and gloom/the world is going to end and the only thing that can save us is to stop driving right now. The issue at hand is that the mainstream media has bought into the global warming hoax completely and without question. Many conservatives complain about bias in the media and, while I am conservative and have personally witnesses this bias, the evidence for media bias around global warming is overwhelming and completely true. Fortunately for skeptics around the world, the Internet provides a place for us to gather, share news and exchange ideas on the skeptical side of climate change. Talk radio has a huge factor in the debate as well, with local and nationally-syndicated shows leading the charge to dispel the myth that is global warming.

Without a $300 million budget, there’s only so much that can be done. However, it seems the global warming hoax is imploding in on itself. Most recently, MIT scientist Kerry Emanuel announced a change in his position on global warming and hurricanes. Emanuel, whose studies were the influence for the cover of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, now says that hurricanes will likely decrease over the next couple of centuries, which completely flies in the face of the former vice president. One of the pillars of global warming, and the accompanying scare tactics, is the damage and loss of life potential if man-made climate change isn’t stopped. Hurricane Katrina was made out to be the poster storm of global warming. However, the sad fact for the activists is that the last two hurricane cycles have been quiet relative to 2005.

Then there’s the temperature outside. Here in the south the morning low was in the mid-to-low 30s, which is chilly for mid April. Tonight’s forecast calls for the same. In fact, most of the 2007-2008 winter gave us above-average precipitation and below-normal temperatures. Records were broken across the northern hemisphere, and yet the greens still cling to global warming as if it were a life raft in a raging sea.

Don’t forget about the ice caps – another pillar of the global warming hoax. The ice caps are going to melt and much of the southeast United States will be under water. Except the caps aren’t melting. If anything, they’re refreezing at a record rate and, in the case of Antarctica, the ice is increasing.

The good news is that people are beginning to see through the climate change scam and the lies that make up the global warming myth are beginning to crumble. With hurricanes, temperatures and ice caps out of the way, what’s really left for the greens to use as a scare tactic? Until the next drought or hurricane hits, expect the popularity of global warming to decline as well, with or without a $300 million advertising campaign to convince us otherwise.

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A social and fiscal conservative, I scour the news for information that disputes the current man-made global warming indoctrination that takes place around the world. I take a rather sarcastic approach to reporting on the nonsense being spewed by the talking heads in the media and the governments around the world.

9 Comments on “The Great Global Warming Failure”

  • Kiran wrote on 15 April, 2008, 0:47

    According to one research the poorest people in the world’s poorest countries will suffer the earliest and the most from climate change, according to this year’s edition of the Environmental Review. The report says that, due to their geographical location, low incomes, and low institutional capacity, as well as their greater reliance on climate-sensitive sectors like agriculture, the poorest countries and people are suffering earliest and are poised to suffer most.

  • admin wrote on 15 April, 2008, 7:01

    Hi Kiran, thanks for taking a moment to make a comment.

    While the poor may suffer from climate change, they are certainly suffering right now from biofuels, which take food and convert it into energy for transportation. In addition, carbon taxes are causing the price of food to jump due to increased transportation costs. The good news in all of this is that if the planet is truly warming, there’ll be more farmland available as more parts of the world become suitable for agriculture, so I woiuldn’t count on a food supply shortage because of global warming just yet.

  • Chris Brown wrote on 6 August, 2008, 11:12

    The idea that governments, organizations, professionals and ordinary human beings will deal with global warming seems ludicrous, based on our capacity for self-delusion, the dysfunction of our institutions, fear and greed.

  • nigel alcazar wrote on 20 October, 2008, 12:01

    I read yet another report today this time by wwf telling us that the artic will melt in five years unless we do something drastic to stop it.
    If things are that bad then even if we had shut down everything it won’t save the artic.
    I am always amazed at the arragance of the warming fenatics, Do they really thing us puny human beings can change the climate on the earth? We and our beautiful planet are very insignifance even in our solar system. I also believe that measurments on the inner planets show signes of warming and they don’t have powerstations on mars.

  • Skeptic wrote on 20 October, 2008, 20:12

    Thanks for the insightful comment, Nigel.

    If you search “WWF” on my site, you’ll see some articles on recent hypocrisy at that organization. While crying foul over lack of a united front on climate change, they are offering 88 tourists the opportunity to fly around the world to see exotic animals and locations. Hardly carbon-friendly, don’t you agree?

  • Henry Galt wrote on 22 October, 2008, 6:16

    Nice critique.

    I think the wheels are coming off the hypothesis, but…

    The gravy train will rumble on. It is the next big bubble. Every now and again there is a massive fraud perpetuated on the citizens of this world. The lies are set politically, the funding “proves” the science and when the carpet is pulled out from under us there emerge a very few creatures who have profited from everyone elses hurt.

    Dot com, housing/derivatives etc.

    The top of our food chain need renewables (25 years too soon), green energy (ditto) and “alternative” energy to divert the funding that should be used to drag the worlds starving out of poverty rather than feather the nests of an already obscenely well off elite.

    This, in my humble but considered opinion is what we are up against.

    No amount of falling temps in the face of ever increasing CO2 levels, no amount of biofoolery exposed as a subsidised mistake latched onto by speculators and resulting in death, no amount of “natural” proofs that the A in GW is anti-scientific will prevent the media machine from keeping the scare stories going for just as long as their masters need the trillions of carbon cash to be siphoned in their direction.

    Sorry to be gloomy but surely we all know by now that global warming is history yet daily we have to put up with the propaganda that shout otherwise.

  • Skeptic wrote on 22 October, 2008, 8:23

    Thanks for the great comment, Henry.

    You’re absolutely right. No amount of proof that global warming is a hoax will convince anyone pushing the agenda. They’ve gotten this far with it, and I don’t see them turning back for any reason. Unless it becomes unprofitable, that is. :)

  • nigel alcazar wrote on 28 October, 2008, 6:02

    wwf is an interesting organisation seems it gets quite a bit of it’s money from the e.u. which enables it to spread it’s scare stories.
    In the mean time is promoting the current great scandal biofuels, which are one of the causes of expensive food and distruction of the animals habitite. I worked on ships in Brazil for a while and I was always being offered fantastic sums of money for the anchor chains, it seems that the way to clear a vast area it stretch it between to huge buldozers and off you go. I except we have to manage the worlds recorces better, but Windmills are not the answer just a wast of valuable resorces( I think we tried windmills and water mills in the 16 and 17 centery and as soon as steam came along changed because the wind is not very reliable)

  • nigel alcazar wrote on 28 October, 2008, 7:12

    In the mean time our U.k mp’s go like sheep to aprove a climate change bill which will bankrupt the country for next to no gain for the world. Even worse to do it they have to build a wind mill every day for the next 10 years or so. is an Privacy Policy and Legal
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