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The Evolution of a Species

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The global warming alarmist, or in roughly translated Latin origins, mundus tepidus timor, is on the brink of extinction. Once touted as the breed of scientists, politicians and lay people with far superior intelligence, their numbers have been shrinking over the last couple of years as “global warming”, the theory of ever-increasing temperatures on the planet due to anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide, failed to materialize. While it seemed for a while that the planet was indeed warming from year-to-year, their ranks have been decimated by proof of a not-so-tightly-coupled correlation between greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures. Without a major attitude adjustment by the planet, and soon, we very well could be witnessing the last generation of global warming alarmists. It’s a shame too, as we’ll all miss out on a group of people biased in their views and blinded by the science that only supports their position. We’ll miss the name-calling that ensues whenever their talking points are invalidated. And we’ll miss the repeated attempts to curb our lifestyles and impose carbon taxes on the population to fuel investment in, and profit from, companies developing inefficient technologies that can’t possibly sustain the energy demands of the world.

While many members of the dying breed still cling to their hockey stick graphs and their faith that the planet will warm again, some were true visionaries. Some recognized that global warming alarmism was only a temporary state of being and, if they were to truly survive, they’d have to evolve. Much like caterpillars become butterflies, global warming alarmists have become climate change activists. Oh sure, the insides of the new climate change activists are very similar to the preceding species, but the outside is very, very different.

No longer is the climate change activist limited to living their life by the global thermometer. No longer do temperatures have to climb year-over-year for their theory to be viable and accepted by the media and the people of the world. And no longer do just heat waves, drought and hurricanes have to be the direct results of global warming. The climate change activists have been liberated from the prison cell known as global warming.

Instead of just watching the thermometer and hedging their bets that the temperature will rise, the thermometer is ignored. Weather-related events, which were previously off-limits for any kind of global warming analysis, are now analyzed and used as examples of climate change. While Hurricane Katrina was never officially declared to be caused by global warming, it was blamed on rising ocean water temperatures. Record record tornado activity in the United States was blamed on climate change, however. Floods, droughts and sea-level rise are all blamed on climate change. And now that temperatures are not part of the equation, cold weather and snow are blamed on climate change. Even the media attempted to blame earthquakes on climate change. It was almost immediately retracted.

Of course, there is a little-known third species that never completely evolved into climate change activists, but broke ties with the original global warming alarmists. They are hybrids, so-to-speak, and continue to believe increasing global temperatures exist, but also are quick to blame just about any weather event on climate change. This species had better hurry up and completely evolve. Global cooling has been discussed with more frequency in the media recently and, when global temperatures continue their already downward trend over the coming years and months, their fate is the same as those of the global warming alarmist species: extinct.

Maybe some of the funding used to study climate change can be set aside to build a museum for the early pioneers. These relics of a by-gone era will be important for future generations to remember so that we don’t repeat our mistakes. Just be sure to build a wing for the climate change activists. They won’t be far behind if the planet continues to be uncooperative.

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A social and fiscal conservative, I scour the news for information that disputes the current man-made global warming indoctrination that takes place around the world. I take a rather sarcastic approach to reporting on the nonsense being spewed by the talking heads in the media and the governments around the world.

4 Comments on “The Evolution of a Species”

  • Jeremy wrote on 19 January, 2009, 7:20

    While amusing, your distinction doesn’t entirely hold true – climate change is a broader term than ‘global warming’, and includes both warming and cooling. Thinking environmentalists have always resisted campaigning on global warming, because climate changes affects different parts of the world in different ways, and the term ‘global warming’ pre-supposes a future that really can’t be predicted.

    In fact, several years ago the UN chose to use the term ‘climate change’ instead of ‘global warming’, because it was less ‘alarmist’ and a fairer term.

  • Michael Duvinak wrote on 19 January, 2009, 8:55

    That’s my point. “Climate change” was invented because “global warming” couldn’t hold water. Saying climate change causes cooler weather is silly. I understand the political desire to manipulate public opinion. It’s tough to sell global warming when record cold temperatures are happening across the world.

    But “thinking” environmentalists like James Hansen (he is a NASA scientist, after all) have campaigned for global warming. He’s been doing it for 20 years. Are you saying he doesn’t think? If that’s the case, we can now disregard everything he’s said over the last 20 years.

    If global warming can’t be used to predict the future, why have many pro-global warming scientist in the last 20 years given predictions on the planet due to global warming? I’d go back and check that if I were you.

    “Climate change” is less alarmist. Hence my references to climate change “activists” and global warming “alarmists”. Two completely different species, my friend.

  • Jeremy wrote on 20 January, 2009, 5:08

    My point is that climate change is a broader discipline that includes rainfall patterns, droughts, warming and cooling trends. Global warming is one theory within the study of climate change. You’re suggesting climate change “was invented because ‘global warming’ couldn’t hold water”, but that’s just incorrect – even those scientists worried about a new ice age are talking about climate change.

  • Michael Duvinak wrote on 20 January, 2009, 9:30

    Global warming can’t hold water. The planet isn’t warming and hasn’t gotten any warmer in a decade. I’d call that myth busted, or at least it’s not fueled by anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide.

    Seems to me that if climate change was the problem all along, Gore and Hansen would have expressed it as such instead of just labeling it as global warming. They certainly proclaim that global warming causes climate change, so the warming isn’t a subset of a larger pool of issues on a planetary scale. Global warming is the father of climate change. There are numerous examples on the Internet of Gore blaming natural disasters on global warming, not the other way around. is an Privacy Policy and Legal
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