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Gore the Part-Time Climate Czar

Photo courtesy kangotraveler.

While Gore denied any interest in being a part of Obama’s appointments in his administration after the election, the former Vice President is scheduled to appear before a Senate panel as a climate expert next Wednesday. Chairman of the Foreign Relations Panel, Democrat John Kerry, said that he would make global warming a premier piece of the committee’s work. Kerry wants the the nations of the world to agree on a climate change treaty by December 2009. Ah, the one-world climate change order. With Democrat-controlled legislative and executive branches of government, get ready for what could be a slew of carbon taxes and lifestyle mandates, all in the name of saving the planet from global warming. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go wrap my pipes so they won’t burst from all of this recent global warming.


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A social and fiscal conservative, I scour the news for information that disputes the current man-made global warming indoctrination that takes place around the world. I take a rather sarcastic approach to reporting on the nonsense being spewed by the talking heads in the media and the governments around the world.

One Comment on “Gore the Part-Time Climate Czar”

  • Robert D wrote on 23 January, 2009, 17:37

    The only reason he (Algore) turned down an Obama appointment is he thought it might interfere with his global warming scam. As it turns out, an Obama appointee doesn’t have to give up anything, and there is no longer any such thing as conflict of interest. Now another loser (Kerry) is taking up the cause in the Senate. Good luck with the pipes Michael. :wink: is an Privacy Policy and Legal
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