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Turn off Your Air Conditioner to Save the World

Photo courtesy Dano and licensed by Creative Commons.

(H/T: Andrew Bolt). The South Australian government is urging people to turn off their air conditioners in an effort to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions even as parts of the country experience their third consecutive day of 40+ degree C temperatures. The government has asked residents to install insulation and use evaporative methods of cooling down, such as ceiling and portable fans. Opposition leaders have chastised the government for forcing young children and the elderly to endure the heat. State power providers say they’re not forcing anyone to not use their air conditioners and that people need to make sensible decisions.


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2 Comments on “Turn off Your Air Conditioner to Save the World”

  • Eve wrote on 27 January, 2009, 16:18

    I will be happy to turn mine off. It is presently minus 15. However I do not have one. Turning off the heat is not an option. Last year I had the furnace on until the end of June, then had to rurn it back on a few times in July and in August. It went back on for good in Sept.
    I don’t think anyone needs an air conditioner. Humans have lived for most of the 20th century without it. But the way subdivisions pack in houses with no shade from tree’s makes it hard to do without.

  • TonyfromOz wrote on 28 January, 2009, 10:34

    Today, for the State in question, South Australia, the temperature was the third highest since records have been taken. It reached 45.9C which is 114.6 degrees. The temperature was over 100 from 8 in the morning until 10 at night. is an Privacy Policy and Legal
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