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No Posts Today and SuperBowl Prediction

Photo courtesy AMagill.

I’m going to make it a long weekend folks, and I’ll leave you in the very capable hands of some fellow skeptics and conservatives. Here are a few of my favorite blogs:

If you want the latest in global warming news, visit Tom Nelson’s blog. The man is a global warming news reporting machine.

If you’re looking for some perspective on recent global warming events, have a look at Mandy Jo’s blog, Climate Change Fraud and Gore Lied.

An Honest Climate Debate and Australian Climate Madness are always good choices as are CO2 Skeptics, Climate Skeptic and EcoMythSmith.

Be sure to check out The Daily Bayonet’s Week-in-Review and stop by and tell the Cookeville Weather Guy to get well soon. He’s reporting a stomach ailment.

Have a happy weekend. Back on Monday with the latest Gored but Not Forgotten, the newest weekly opinion piece, Tony’s latest installment of The Kyoto Files and much, much more!


Oh, and for my American football friends, I don’t want to see my beloved Pittsburgh Steelers lose, but I’m afraid Arizona is going to take this one. 24-21. Arizona wins by three.

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