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Six Questions to Ask A Global Warming Hoaxer

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In the six months of this blogs existence, it has become painfully clear that the objective of the global warming hoax is to tax and control.  What’s not so funny about the means of meeting that objective is that it’s based on lies, discrediting the opponent and sheer dodging of the debate.  While Gore says there’s no debate over global warming, many of his minions disagree and will go on ad nauseam about why global warming is real as many in the left-leaning environmentalist camp just hate to lose an argument.  So here are a few questions that you should ask, and the true answers you should expect.

Q:  Does carbon dioxide cause global warming? 
A:  Increases in carbon dioxide have been proven to follow temperature increases, not lead them.  Even the graph presented in Al Gore’s fictional film, An Inconvenient Truth, show that temperatures spike ahead of carbon dioxide.

Q:  Why isn’t the sun taken into consideration as a factor in the planet’s climate?
A:  The sun should be taken into consideration.  Solar Cycle 24 is off to a very slow start, resulting in almost no sunspots.  The Earth has shown a dramatic cooling during this same period, which could easily be attributed to the lack of solar activity even while greenhouse gases continue to mount.

Q:  If all global warming deniers are shills for big oil, aren’t scientists that find man to be the cause of global warming just shills for the government?
A:  Many scientists do receive their funding from the government.  Continued research that determines anthropogenic global warming allows those scientists to continue receiving their grants, and keeps them in a job.

Q:  If the threat of global warming is so dire, why can the rich always buy themselves out of adhering to the “green” lifestyle rather than having to sacrifice like everyone else?  A total reduction in carbon emissions, rather than a cap-and-trade system, would take care of the problem quicker.
A:  The rich shouldn’t be able to buy themselves out of reducing carbon.  This is a total scam to allow those with lots of available capital to make the reduction of carbon someone else’s problem.

Q:  The Medieval Warm Period was actually warmer than today with no carbon emissions from humans.  How do you explain that?
A:  It can’t be explained, at least in terms of anthropogenic origins.  While the period of warmth was large enough to not be an anomaly, science just doesn’t know how global warming happened during that period of time.  It certainly wasn’t at the hands of man.

Q:  In light of evidence that carbon dioxide isn’t prevalent enough in our atmosphere to truly cause any harm, that the sun plays a large part in contributing to our climate and that the planet hasn’t warmed since 1998, why won’t Al Gore debate the issue instead of ducking questions?
A:  Because he knows he’s wrong and global warming is nothing but a tax and power grab. 

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