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The Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up for February 19th 2009

I bet you all thought that CFL light bulbs were going to save the environment by cutting down on CO2 emissions ??? Well due to the fact that these bulbs give off 90% less heat than a normal light bulb it seems  people turn up the thermostat a notch to compensate (makes sense!) Also the fact they contain mercury and that they tend to be left on ... Full story

Ready for More Indoctrination of Your Children?

California school children will now be exposed to even more global warming propaganda and indoctrination, thanks to a recent California law that mandated the teaching of anthropogenic global warming in public schools. The new propaganda program, entitled "National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions," will not only teach that carbon dioxide is bad, but attempt to get fellow alarmists to engage universities, colleges, public schools ... Full story

NASA Prepares Launch of Global Warming Satellite

A NASA satellite designed to study sources of carbon dioxide and how it spreads throughout the atmosphere is slated for launch on February 23. The $278 million project will also be used to understand not just carbon output, but carbon sinks, of which North America currently appears to sink carbon dioxide rather than emit it. Full story

Report: Green Jobs Not Always Good Jobs

(H/T: Tony Phyrillas). It seems green jobs aren’t what people hoped for, according to a new study. The report says that while some sectors in green technology do find employees treated fairly with good wages, others are paying substandard wages and not treating their employees well. In response to this, employees are forming unions, which face union-busting campaigns by management. ... Full story

No Posts Today and SuperBowl Prediction

I’m going to make it a long weekend folks, and I’ll leave you in the very capable hands of some fellow skeptics and conservatives. Here are a few of my favorite blogs: If you want the latest in global warming news, visit Tom Nelson’s blog. The man is a global warming news reporting machine. If you’re looking for some perspective on recent global warming ... Full story

The Amazing Story Behind Tho Global Warming Scam

The key players are now all in place in Washington and in state governments across America to officially label carbon dioxide as a pollutant and enact laws that tax we citizens for our carbon footprints. Only two details stand in the way, the faltering economic times and a dramatic turn toward a colder climate. The last two bitter winters have lead to a rise in public awareness that CO2 is ... Full story

Algae and Nuts Could Power Our Planes

A mixture of traditional jet fuel with fuel made from algae and jatropha nuts could power the friendly skies in the future, according to this article from the Washington Times. The Jatropha plant is native to Central America but grows around the world and is touted by experts as a promising plant source for bio-diesel oil. Makers of this “green crude” are still ... Full story

Obama to Make U.S. Energy Independent

The Obama Administration outlined its energy priorities, citing a need for the United States to not be held “hostage to dwindling resources, hostile regimes, and a warming planet". He called for increased fuel efficiency and an energy economy that would create millions of jobs. Obama said, "y administration will not deny facts. We will be guided by them." Sort of like the ... Full story

Six Most Embarrassing Moments in Environmentalism

Every so often it’s fun to take a step back and poke a little fun at the global warming alarmists here at Skeptics Global Warming. Many incriminate themselves with sheer hypocrisy and arrogance that does little to further their cause: to stop global temperatures from rising by reducing man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Every time one of these supposed friends of the ... Full story

Glacier Slowdown in Greenland: How Inconvenient

In this week’s Science magazine, science writer Richard Kerr reports ( some of the goings-on at this past December’s annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union. While he didn’t cover our presentation ( verbose=0 listenv=table application=fm08 convert= converthl= refinequery= formintern= formextern= transquery=knappenberger _lines= multiple=0 descriptor=%2fdata%2fepubs%2fwais%2findexes%2ffm08%2ffm08%7c778%7c3000%7cA%20Reconstructed%201784-2007%20Time%20Series%20of%20Greenland%20Melt%20Extent%7cHTML%7clocalhost:0%7c%2fdata%2fepubs%2fwais%2findexes%2ffm08%2ffm08%7c13114000%2013117000%20%2fdata2%2fepubs%2fwais%2fdata%2ffm08%2ffm08.txt)at the meeting in which we described our efforts at creating a reconstruction of ice melt across Greenland dating back into the ... Full story
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