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More Smearing of Scientific Scepticism

More Smearing of Scientific Scepticism(Part 1) Via Jennifer Marohasy, September 18, 2009 IT was once the case that if you didn’t believe in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and the climate crisis you were a scientist in the pay of big oil. That was also an accusation in Chris Mooney’s first book ‘The Republican War on Science’. Mr Full story

Ready for More Indoctrination of Your Children?

California school children will now be exposed to even more global warming propaganda and indoctrination, thanks to a recent California law that mandated the teaching of anthropogenic global warming in public schools. The new propaganda program, entitled "National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions," will not only teach that carbon dioxide is bad, but attempt to get fellow alarmists to engage universities, colleges, public schools ... Full story

Is 2009 The End of the Global Warming Myth?

Both the Met Office’s Hadley Center and NASA show no rise in the planet’s temperature since 1998, even as carbon dioxide emissions continue to be pumped into the atmosphere. Satellite evidence shows expanding ice caps. And questions emerged about the validity of global warming during the 2008 Poland conference on climate change. With the sun displaying few spots on its surface as ... Full story

Natural Disasters Doomed Early Supe Valley Civilization

A civilization that existed 3,600 years ago in Supe Valley, in what is now Peru, was doomed by natural disasters. A massive earthquake, or series of earthquakes, collapsed buildings and launched mudslides from the surrounding mountain walls. An El Nino event then brought heavy rains, which damaged irrigation systems and made the area uninhabitable. All this without anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide. ... Full story

Climate: Change You Can’t Believe In

Rasmussen Poll (, there's one change that only 41% of Americans can believe in - manmade climate change. That's down from 47% just nine months ago, and before moving the country down an unpopular green-paved road to disaster, the unity promising freshman president would be well advised to understand why. For starters, the rapidly expanding ( ContentRecord_id=2674e64f-802a-23ad-490b-bd9faf4dcdb7) number of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) dissenting international scientists, many rising from within ... Full story

Antarctica Getting Warmer, But No One Knows Why

A report published in the journal Nature concludes that Antarctica has been warming over the last 50 years after studying combined land and satellite readings. The problem is that no one really knows how much is from man-made sources and how much is natural with no anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions emitted from the continent. Drew Shindell from NASA’s GISS in New York is ... Full story

What do the Global Warming Skeptics Have to Say?

While Al Gore was quick to declare a global warming consensus and the debate over, 650 international scientists say, “not so fast!” So what do these former IPCC scientists, geologists, atmospheric scientists and other professionals say about global warming? Atmospheric scientist Stanley B. Goldenberg says, "It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a ... Full story

How Did We Get Bullied into Silence?

Dr. Tim Ball makes a great case in this article published by the Canada Free Press on just how we’ve been bullied by the scientists and politicians into being absolutely silent on anthropogenic global warming. Climate change proponents say being a skeptic means you don’t care about the environment, so they take the moral high ground. Skeptics are funded by tainted sources is ... Full story

Those Who Want to Save the Planet are Killing It

Anyone that has followed this blog for any length of time understands my disdain for hypocritical climate change activists. It starts at the top with Al Gore and his private jet travels, to those who believe something should be done to fight global warming, yet do nothing to alter their own carbon-spewing lifestyles. I would be remiss if I didn’t give a dishonorable ... Full story

Falsifying the Global Warming Hypothesis

Consider the working hypothesis of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). It states man-made CO2 causes global warming . The question now is does this hypothesis work? Is it true? Is it valid? Does it explain the climate observations and the data that are found in the real world? First we need some crucial evidence. The Earth’s climate has always been warming and cooling. Singer and Avery discuss this in their book “Unstoppable ... Full story
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