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Climate change study shows Earth is still absorbing carbon dioxide

Climate change study shows Earth is still absorbing carbon dioxide The Telegraph, November 11, 20009 The research, by Bristol University, suggests that despite rising emissions, the world is is still able to store a significant amount of greenhouse gases in oceans and forests. According to the study, the Earth has continued to absorb more than half of the Full story

CSIRO bid to gag ETS attack

The CSIRO is supposed to be the nation’s top scientific body, but it is up to its neck in the grubby politics of climate change by attempting to silence a critic of the government’s oh-so-wonderful ETS: THE nation’s peak science agency has tried to gag the publication of a paper by one of its senior environmental Full story

Climate extremists tell Rudd: don’t negotiate the ETS

This could be the best news we've heard all week. A group comprising some of the worst climate alarmists on the planet have threatened to withdraw their support for the ETS if it is "watered down": The Southern Cross Climate Coalition - which includes the Australian Conservation Foundation, Climate Institute, World Wildlife Fund, Australian Council of Social Service and ACTU - has written to Prime ... Full story

Turnbull threatens to quit over ETS

Don't give us any ideas… In a fit of petulence, Malcolm Turnbull appears to have lost all grip on reality and is laying down a challenge to his backbenchers - back me or I quit. The trouble is, he may live to regret it, since the result is far from a foregone conclusion. Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has threatened to resign if his Liberal ... Full story

Creating catastrophe by Professor Ian Plimer

Creating catastrophe By Professor Ian Plimer Quadrant Online, August 24, 2009 Destroying the factory, building the bureaucracy The government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme has the potential to ruin Australia’s productive economies and to build an even greater bureaucracy. Even the name of this bill should ring warning bells as carbon is the foundation of life and is not a Full story

China to Count Abortions as Carbon Offsets

At the link below, the author has a video (which is mostly audio with photos) of a Glenn Beck interview with Chris Horner. China is counting abortions as carbon offset credits. As I mentioned earlier this week in an opinion piece, it’s come down to population control and the infringement on basic human rights all in the name of saving the planet. Full story

Ready for More Indoctrination of Your Children?

California school children will now be exposed to even more global warming propaganda and indoctrination, thanks to a recent California law that mandated the teaching of anthropogenic global warming in public schools. The new propaganda program, entitled "National Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions," will not only teach that carbon dioxide is bad, but attempt to get fellow alarmists to engage universities, colleges, public schools ... Full story

Is 2009 The End of the Global Warming Myth?

Both the Met Office’s Hadley Center and NASA show no rise in the planet’s temperature since 1998, even as carbon dioxide emissions continue to be pumped into the atmosphere. Satellite evidence shows expanding ice caps. And questions emerged about the validity of global warming during the 2008 Poland conference on climate change. With the sun displaying few spots on its surface as ... Full story

Editorial Staff: The Other Side of the Story Scared Me More Than Al Gore

Alanna Wallace, a member of the editorial staff of The Cord Weekly (a student publication of Wilfrid Laurier University), watched Al Gore’s pretty slideshows and listened to the doom-and-gloom voiceovers. Soon she had convinced her family to buy green everything in an effort to save the planet. But why? Wallace started researching the other side of the global warming debate and found ... Full story

NASA Prepares Launch of Global Warming Satellite

A NASA satellite designed to study sources of carbon dioxide and how it spreads throughout the atmosphere is slated for launch on February 23. The $278 million project will also be used to understand not just carbon output, but carbon sinks, of which North America currently appears to sink carbon dioxide rather than emit it. Full story
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