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Banned Because of Global Warming

My friend Margo’s Maid over at the ShadowLands blog sent me an email early this morning with a link to one of his recent blog posts on what items have been banned, or called to be banned, because of global warming. While the list is still growing, it follows the theme of what I’ve been telling you since the inception of my blog: ... Full story

Gore the Part-Time Climate Czar

While Gore denied any interest in being a part of Obama’s appointments in his administration after the election, the former Vice President is scheduled to appear before a Senate panel as a climate expert next Wednesday. Chairman of the Foreign Relations Panel, Democrat John Kerry, said that he would make global warming a premier piece of the committee’s work. Kerry wants the the ... Full story

The Evolution of a Species

The global warming alarmist, or in roughly translated Latin origins, mundus tepidus timor, is on the brink of extinction. Once touted as the breed of scientists, politicians and lay people with far superior intelligence, their numbers have been shrinking over the last couple of years as “global warming”, the theory of ever-increasing temperatures on the planet due to anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide, failed ... Full story

Money a Bigger Incentive than Saving the Environment

File this under “D” for duh. A study conducted for the Energy Savings Trust of Scottish drivers found that 9 out of 10 would change their driving habits if if meant saving money but only a third recognized cutting emissions as an important reason to alter their driving behavior. 54% understood that their driving habits were damaging the environment and 13 said they ... Full story

CO2 Capture Device Back in the News

While I’ve touched on carbon capture devices in the past and how they’ve been denounced again and again and again by environmentalists, particle physicist Klaus Lackner of Columbia University understands their practicality in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Having already built one that removes tens of kilograms of CO2 each day from the air, he is ready to embark on ... Full story

ExxonMobil Calls for Carbon Tax

Every other half-baked global warming alarmist site on the Internet has at one time or another made a remark that skeptics are paid off by the oil industry. After reporting last month that Chevon is now producing biofuel for jets, Rex Tillerson, the CEO for ExxonMobil Corporation announced his support for a carbon tax. Tillerson said, “As a businessman, it's hard to ... Full story

The Global Warming Hoax: Your Weekly Round-Up for January 8, 2009

Welcome everyone to the latest installment of the global warming hoax weekly round-up. As you may or may not know, The Daily Bayonet is still hunkered down with family in Parts Unknown, Canada, and I get the privilege of filling in for him once again. So kick back, grab a cold one and enjoy this week’s edition. While Al Gore has been quieter-than-usual ... Full story

Carbon Tax Much Easier to Pass Along to the Consumer

Exxon’s Tillerson: Give Me a Carbon Tax, Not Cap-and-Trade ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson is bound and determined to join the Pigou club ( In a speech today in Washington, Mr. Tillerson said that he much prefers a carbon tax—rather than a cap-and-trade scheme—if the government takes steps to curb greenhouse-gas emissions. “My greatest concern is that policy makers will attempt to mandate or ordain solutions that are ... Full story

I’m Branching Out

As many of you read earlier this week, I wrote a little guest post over at Right Side News on the timing of the carbon tax. I’ve been invited back to guest post again sometime, and I’m looking forward to that opportunity. I’ve also been added to the writing staff at a conservative blog called The American Sentinel and have published a ... Full story

Kyoto, A Perspective: Part 5

In this week’s Kyoto Files, Tony explores the three possibilities of how a carbon tax could be implemented, and what each would mean. Also, changing light bulbs is good, but people aren’t really going to change their lifestyles to make a difference in the planet. Plus, Tony breaks down why carbon taxes are a bad idea - especially when carbon emittters are still ... Full story
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