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After Versailles – The Copenhagen Treaty

After Versailles – The Copenhagen Treaty by Peter Smith Quadrant Online, November 15, 2009 Economic consequences of the Copenhagen Treaty In the Economic Consequences of the Peace, published in 1919, Keynes warned, among other things, of the ruinous consequences of war reparations imposed on Germany by the Versailles Treaty. No-one in those days, or up until recently, would have thought Full story

Prologue to Copenhagen

By Chris de Freitas NZCPR, October 3, 2009 The Kyoto Protocol, an icon of the global environmental movement, is soon to be replaced by a more radical international accord to curb greenhouse gas emissions. What it will involve depends on the outcome of negotiations this December in Copenhagen. In preparation, the Government has committed New Zealand to Full story

Turnbull risks all on ETS

Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of the Party - in this case, the Liberal party. The backbenchers need to stand up for their principles and not be steamrollered by their worryingly green-tinged leader: MALCOLM Turnbull is on a collision course with his own back bench after staking his leadership on a demand that they back ... Full story

Turnbull threatens to quit over ETS

Don't give us any ideas… In a fit of petulence, Malcolm Turnbull appears to have lost all grip on reality and is laying down a challenge to his backbenchers - back me or I quit. The trouble is, he may live to regret it, since the result is far from a foregone conclusion. Federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull has threatened to resign if his Liberal ... Full story

Climate fiction from EC President

Actually it's not just fiction, but outright . Writing in the Fairfax press this morning, where else, Jose Manuel Barroso clearly hasn't been looking out of the window for the last 10 years: CLIMATE change is happening faster than we believed only two years ago. Continuing with business as usual almost certainly means dangerous, perhaps catastrophic, climate change during the course of this century. This ... Full story

NASA Prepares Launch of Global Warming Satellite

A NASA satellite designed to study sources of carbon dioxide and how it spreads throughout the atmosphere is slated for launch on February 23. The $278 million project will also be used to understand not just carbon output, but carbon sinks, of which North America currently appears to sink carbon dioxide rather than emit it. Full story

Comic Book Global Warming Brainwashing

Professor John Boyer, a member of Virginia Tech’s Department of Geography, has created an “edutainment” comic book to teach students about issues facing the world today without being didactic. One of the topics covered in the comic is how global warming is reducing the amount of ice in the Arctic sea. Professor Boyer must’ve been working on that one for a while as ... Full story

Gore and Environmentalists Celebrate Changing of the Guard

The Associated Press is reporting on the celebration happening in Washington as Democrat Barack Obama prepares to be sworn into office. Among those participating, former Vice President and global warming frontman Al Gore, singer Melissa Etheridge and Blair Underwood, all of whom attended a green ball Monday night. Walking on mossy green carpet made partially from recycled fiber. Any carbon footprint made ... Full story

The Tuesday Extra

Here are some of the stories from the blogs today that you may have missed: AGW Flaws: a cut-out-and-keep guide Antarctic scare story from the ABC Dead On Arrival: EPA/CCSP Sea Level Rise Report Already Outdated How Green Is the Inauguration of Barack Obama? Next time you see a Reuters article on the alleged climate crisis, think about this diagram ... Full story

Give Me All This Money, and You’ll Get the Answer You Like

William Happer gives an account of what it was like supervise all non-weapons energy research for the Department of Energy. He compares his briefings with the climate change scientists to all other groups and found that their attitude was just to give them a bunch of money, and they will, in turn, give him an answer that he likes. Happer said he was ... Full story
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