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Climate Change: Who Are The Deniers Now?

Climate Change: Who Are The Deniers Now? By Dr Tim Ball Canada Free Press, November 17, 2009 “When you point your finger at someone, three fingers are pointing back at you.” Anonymous Finger pointing rarely includes facts, especially in the climate debate. The first finger said we were global warming skeptics, but was turned back when it was explained Full story

UK: Met Office madness – temperatures may rise 10?C in Northern Europe!

They must be putting something in the water down in Exeter, Devon, where the UK Met Office is located, as scare stories are flying out of there by the dozen. The latest contains all the usual apocalyptic ingredients, as reported lovingly and unquestioningly in The Telegraph: Heatwaves that kill thousands, tropical-style storms and widespread flooding could Related posts:... Full story

Lawrence Solomon: Canadian concern over climate change plummeting

Lawrence Solomon: Canadian concern over climate change plummeting by Lawrence Solomon Financial Post, November 2,2009 According to a new Climate Confidence Monitor survey released today, support for action on climate change is plummeting in Canada. Just 26% of Canadians consider global warming among their chief concerns, down from 34% in 2008. Concern in the U.S. is even lower – Full story

Fairfax Fantasy: Kilimanjaro glaciers shrinking due to global warming

Like a bad penny, this story just keeps cropping up. It started in Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, and has been repeated thousands of time since. Trouble is, it’s just not true: The snows capping Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest peak, are shrinking rapidly and could vanish altogether in 20 years, most likely due to global warming, a Full story

None Dare Call It Fraud

None Dare Call It Fraud by Paul Driessen, October 19, 2009 What if we applied corporate standards to the “science” that is driving global warming policy? Imagine the reaction if investment companies provided only rosy stock and economic data to prospective investors; manufacturers withheld chemical spill statistics from government regulators; or medical device and pharmaceutical companies doctored data Full story

UPDATED: Comedy headline: ‘Proof’ humans cause global warming

See, the science is settled, you denier you. Just like a handful of trees in Siberia created the Hockey Stick, now we have a bunch of sediment cores in the middle of Canada cherry-picked to show that the Medieval Warm Period didn't exist, the Roman Warm Period didn't exist, the Holocene climate optimum didn't exist, it's warmer now than in the last 200 gazillion years, ... Full story

Climate sense from Bob Carter

Writing in Quadrant Online's Doomed Planet section, Bob Carter spells out Malcolm Turnbull's misunderstanding of the climate issue: Mr Turnbull has missed the point entirely, and in breathtaking fashion. No-one is suggesting doing nothing about climate change. Calamitous natural climatic events such as this year’s bushfires and floods have properly convinced the general public that a national policy to deal with real climate events ... Full story

The Nine Lies Of Al Gore

The Nine Lies Of Al Gore Written by K. Daniel Glover Not Evil Just Wrong, Thursday, 01 October 2009 Al Gore is the principal prophet of doom in the global warming debate, and the 2006 documentary An Inconvenient Truth is his gospel to true believers. But Gore has misled them. Two years ago, British High Court Justice Michael Burton Full story

Earthquakes linked to “climate change”

There is not a natural disaster on earth that cannot now be linked to "climate change", in the alarmists desperation to keep the bandwagon rolling, as temperatures fall and more people begin to question the consensus on global warming. So it's little surprise that the recent disaster in Samoa is being blamed on climate change: AN 8.3 earthquake struck Samoa and set off tsunami warnings ... Full story

Think globally, destroy locally

Think globally, destroy locally by Bob Carter Quadrant Online, September 21, 2009 Giving Earth the benefit of the doubt A common expression of human caution, often attributed to Rupert Murdoch, is that in matters of potentially dangerous human-caused global warming we should “give Earth the benefit of the doubt”. Such a statement reveals profound misunderstanding of the real climatic risks Full story
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