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Is 2009 The End of the Global Warming Myth?

Both the Met Office’s Hadley Center and NASA show no rise in the planet’s temperature since 1998, even as carbon dioxide emissions continue to be pumped into the atmosphere. Satellite evidence shows expanding ice caps. And questions emerged about the validity of global warming during the 2008 Poland conference on climate change. With the sun displaying few spots on its surface as ... Full story

The Global Warming Myth: Your Week-in-Review for January 29, 2009

A piping hot edition of the latest week-in-review is fresh out of the oven and ready to be consumed. In this week’s edition, The Daily Bayonet tells us about the following: -The Gore Effect hit Washington on Wednesday -James Hansen’s former supervisor is a global warming skeptic. I didn’t see that one coming. -A $140 million stimulus for climate modelers? Who DOESN’T have their hand ... Full story

The Global Warming Myth: Your Weekly Round-Up for January 23, 2009

Please take a few minutes to welcome back The Daily Bayonet as he resumes his role as the week-in-review publisher extraordinaire. These posts are certainly entertaining and informative and worth your time. In this week’s edition, you’ll learn about the following: We all know of Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, but have you heard of his inconvenient astronaut?Average Canadians are responsible for global warming, according to ... Full story

Green Zealots Back on Offense

Over the weekend I sat on the couch, relaxed and watched some American football. Home field advantage is big in football and prognosticators generally say that playing at home gives a team about a 3 1/2 point advantage over the visiting team. The visiting Atlanta Falcons were defeated in the University of Phoenix stadium by the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday and the visiting ... Full story

The Global Warming Myth: Your Week-in-Review for January 2, 2009

Welcome to the Global Warming Myth round-up, the first for 2009. I’m going to go ahead and assume that our friend The Daily Bayonet is still enjoying time with his visiting family, so I’ve put together the best-of-the-best for this week’s review. Send your best wishes over to Klockarman, who broke his arm earlier this week. I hear he’s going to hunt and ... Full story

The Global Warming Myth Exposed on CNN

Full story

New Tipping Point One Year Out

The Heliogenic Climate Change blog found this great piece on the ever-changing goalposts of the global warming myth. Now, it has been determined that Britain has one year to prevent the possible terminal decline in many species, including house sparrows, dormice and hedgehogs. Full story

The Global Warming Myth: Your Weekly Round-Up for December 26th, 2008

In the absence of my usual weekly round-up contributor, The Daily Bayonet, I will once again attempt to take the reins and guide all of you through the week-that-was in global warming mythology. Grab another slice of Christmas ham, pour some egg nog and enjoy the post. Tom Nelson asks: if CO2 is overheating the Earth, why isn’t the Earth overheating? ... Full story

The Global Warming Myth – Your 2008 Year-in-Review

This is the last weekly commentary of 2008. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The global warming hoax has proved to be, if nothing else, a topic that should be openly debated instead of being considered off-limits by the climate change activists. Over the last year, I've compiled well over 1500 news articles that portray global warming an an inexact science at best ... Full story
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The Global Warming Myth: Your Weekly Round-Up for December 19th, 2008

Grab a glass of eggnog, sit back in the easy chair and read the last weekly round-up of the year. Included in this week’s edition: Gore claims that the Arctic will be ice-free in five years. Global warming isn’t a science issue, or a political one now. It’s spiritual. A scientists announces the findings of his latest Arctic trip, even before he leaves home. Christmas trees are ... Full story
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