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UPDATED: Comedy headline: ‘Proof’ humans cause global warming

See, the science is settled, you denier you. Just like a handful of trees in Siberia created the Hockey Stick, now we have a bunch of sediment cores in the middle of Canada cherry-picked to show that the Medieval Warm Period didn't exist, the Roman Warm Period didn't exist, the Holocene climate optimum didn't exist, it's warmer now than in the last 200 gazillion years, ... Full story

Prologue to Copenhagen

By Chris de Freitas NZCPR, October 3, 2009 The Kyoto Protocol, an icon of the global environmental movement, is soon to be replaced by a more radical international accord to curb greenhouse gas emissions. What it will involve depends on the outcome of negotiations this December in Copenhagen. In preparation, the Government has committed New Zealand to Full story

Climate fiction from EC President

Actually it's not just fiction, but outright . Writing in the Fairfax press this morning, where else, Jose Manuel Barroso clearly hasn't been looking out of the window for the last 10 years: CLIMATE change is happening faster than we believed only two years ago. Continuing with business as usual almost certainly means dangerous, perhaps catastrophic, climate change during the course of this century. This ... Full story

South Carolina Lawmakers Defend Coal-Fired Power Plants

South Carolina lawmakers headed to Washington on Wednesday to defend the state’s use of coal-fired power plants. Two-thirds of South Carolina’s power comes from coal plants, although 50% of the energy produced is from nuclear sources, with at least 20% of that going out of state. South Carolina wants to avert a federal crackdown on greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants, as ... Full story

Taxation or Abortion to Save the World

After the infamous Roe vs. Wade case in 1973, women across the United States gained the right to choose whether their unborn child would live or die. In what has become the corner stone of women’s rights, pro-choice advocates across the country have petitioned and protested any hint of legislation or candidate that posed a potential risk to this precious “right”. Today, with ... Full story

Last Days on Earth

I recorded a program from the History Channel last weekend called the Last Days on Earth. In the two hour show, the top 10 ways in which the end of our planet could come about are explored. I’m watching the program now, and so far nuclear weapons, bio-warfare, asteroids and a handful of other items have been discussed. I just saw the teaser for the ... Full story

Turn off Your Air Conditioner to Save the World

(H/T: Andrew Bolt). The South Australian government is urging people to turn off their air conditioners in an effort to cut back on greenhouse gas emissions even as parts of the country experience their third consecutive day of 40+ degree C temperatures. The government has asked residents to install insulation and use evaporative methods of cooling down, such as ceiling and ... Full story

Six Most Embarrassing Moments in Environmentalism

Every so often it’s fun to take a step back and poke a little fun at the global warming alarmists here at Skeptics Global Warming. Many incriminate themselves with sheer hypocrisy and arrogance that does little to further their cause: to stop global temperatures from rising by reducing man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Every time one of these supposed friends of the ... Full story

Antarctica Getting Warmer, But No One Knows Why

A report published in the journal Nature concludes that Antarctica has been warming over the last 50 years after studying combined land and satellite readings. The problem is that no one really knows how much is from man-made sources and how much is natural with no anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions emitted from the continent. Drew Shindell from NASA’s GISS in New York is ... Full story

The Evolution of a Species

The global warming alarmist, or in roughly translated Latin origins, mundus tepidus timor, is on the brink of extinction. Once touted as the breed of scientists, politicians and lay people with far superior intelligence, their numbers have been shrinking over the last couple of years as “global warming”, the theory of ever-increasing temperatures on the planet due to anthropogenic sources of carbon dioxide, failed ... Full story
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