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The Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up for February 19th 2009

I bet you all thought that CFL light bulbs were going to save the environment by cutting down on CO2 emissions ??? Well due to the fact that these bulbs give off 90% less heat than a normal light bulb it seems  people turn up the thermostat a notch to compensate (makes sense!) Also the fact they contain mercury and that they tend to be left on ... Full story

Antartic Sea Ice up 35% since 1997

Contrary to popular belief it looks like sea ice extent and concentration is up 35% since 1997! Apparently at the current rate of sea ice increase penguins will soon be able to walk to brazil (Without being a snack for whales!) Read more about this and look at lovely pictures from the National snow and ice data centre over on Global Warming Hoax Full story

The Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up for February 6, 2009

The Daily Bayonet has once again compiled the week-that-was in global warming hysteria and placed it all in a neat little post with lots of pictures and video. In this week’s edition, you’ll find the typical global warming debunkery, the foolish tales of the alarmists and some eye candy at the bottom of the page. Head on over to The Daily Bayonet, and ... Full story

From the Blogs

Here’s the round-up of what other blogs have had to say about the global warming hoax over the last few days: Glaring error in the single most critical square inch of Gore’s book Heads I Win, Tails You Lose Who is Speaking For the Plants? Video: Deroy Murdoch on MSNBC says “…the earth is not coorperating with those on the ... Full story

Comic Book Global Warming Brainwashing

Professor John Boyer, a member of Virginia Tech’s Department of Geography, has created an “edutainment” comic book to teach students about issues facing the world today without being didactic. One of the topics covered in the comic is how global warming is reducing the amount of ice in the Arctic sea. Professor Boyer must’ve been working on that one for a while as ... Full story

No Posts Today and SuperBowl Prediction

I’m going to make it a long weekend folks, and I’ll leave you in the very capable hands of some fellow skeptics and conservatives. Here are a few of my favorite blogs: If you want the latest in global warming news, visit Tom Nelson’s blog. The man is a global warming news reporting machine. If you’re looking for some perspective on recent global warming ... Full story

The Global Warming Myth: Your Week-in-Review for January 29, 2009

A piping hot edition of the latest week-in-review is fresh out of the oven and ready to be consumed. In this week’s edition, The Daily Bayonet tells us about the following: -The Gore Effect hit Washington on Wednesday -James Hansen’s former supervisor is a global warming skeptic. I didn’t see that one coming. -A $140 million stimulus for climate modelers? Who DOESN’T have their hand ... Full story

The Global Warming Myth: Your Weekly Round-Up for January 23, 2009

Please take a few minutes to welcome back The Daily Bayonet as he resumes his role as the week-in-review publisher extraordinaire. These posts are certainly entertaining and informative and worth your time. In this week’s edition, you’ll learn about the following: We all know of Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, but have you heard of his inconvenient astronaut?Average Canadians are responsible for global warming, according to ... Full story

Thought Crimes are Increasing

NewsBusters has a great retort of the global warming skepticism panic going on over at the Huffington Post. It seems searches for “global warming” hoax have doubled in a year and the HuffPo is concerned about people doing actual research on their own rather than watching the mainstream media, most of which are completely in the tank for global warming. Of course, the ... Full story

The Global Warming Hoax Week-in-Review for January 16, 2009

Put away your snowblowers and shovels and gather around to what should be my last fill-in spot for The Daily Bayonet as he is expected to return from his extended vacation on Monday. My apologizes for the lightness of this round-up also. Server issues had me occupied for a couple of days this week. Now, on with the week-that-was in global warming ... Full story
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