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A climate of fast money

A climate of fast money By Andrew Bolt Herald Sun, October 30, 2009 PSST. Want a surefire way to get a grant – maybe $300,000, or even more – for your university research? Then gather around, my dear professors, and say these magic words. Climate change. You scoff? You say it’s too crazy to work, given that your expertise is actually Full story

Climate Money – Big Government outspends Big Oil

Climate Money – Big Government outspends Big Oil Via JoNova, August 12, 2009 The Exxon “Blame-Game” is a Distracting Side Show Much media attention has relentlessly focused on the influence of “Big Oil”—but the numbers don’t add up. Exxon Mobil is still vilified1 for giving around 23 million dollars, spread over roughly ten years, to skeptics of Full story

European Union Urges US Commitment to Carbon Trading

The European Union is urging the Obama Administration to join a global carbon market in an effort to raise substantial cash in a bid to fight climate change. “Rich” nations are expected to raise about $321 billion by 2020 to fight global warming, with half that money going to developing nations to combat climate change. Sounds like a global welfare system to me. ... Full story

Obama’s Bailout: Where’s the Money Going?

Besides the $400 million earmarked to study climate change (hasn’t it already been studied and the debate is over??), what other special items are in this pork-laden stimulus package? Revitalizing the National Mall, digital converter boxes for televisions and $1 billion for the 2010 census. Change we can believe in? Full story

Most of the ‘Green’ Stuff is Verging on a Scam

James Lovelock, the originator of the Gaia theory that the planet is self-regulating, says carbon trading is not going to do anything about climate change, but it will make money for a lot of people. He says that carbon sequestering methods are a “waste of time...a crazy idea - and dangerous.” He continues to say that it would take too much time and ... Full story

This Bailout Will Be Even Larger

Are you upset with the federal Wall Street bailout plan? Do you think too much money was given away? You haven’t seen anything yet. How about a slightly larger bailout each year until the year 2050? It’s expected that the total cost to fight global warming, including significant cuts in carbon dioxide output, could run into the trillions of dollars - ... Full story

Give Me All This Money, and You’ll Get the Answer You Like

William Happer gives an account of what it was like supervise all non-weapons energy research for the Department of Energy. He compares his briefings with the climate change scientists to all other groups and found that their attitude was just to give them a bunch of money, and they will, in turn, give him an answer that he likes. Happer said he was ... Full story

What’s the Carbon Footprint of Obama-palooza?

So can I take my jet? Please? From ABC News ( page=1)on the stars and wealthy arriving in D.C. for the inauguration tomorrow: For CEOs and stars arriving by private jet, local airports have shut down entire runways to serve as parking lots for their planes. Officials are prepared to handle hundreds of private aircraft for the long weekend. No doubt the CEOs and stars voted for Obama ... Full story

Florida: Gov. Crist wants to spend money fighting global warming even as he declares “state of emergency” for sub-freezing temperatures

Full story

Money a Bigger Incentive than Saving the Environment

File this under “D” for duh. A study conducted for the Energy Savings Trust of Scottish drivers found that 9 out of 10 would change their driving habits if if meant saving money but only a third recognized cutting emissions as an important reason to alter their driving behavior. 54% understood that their driving habits were damaging the environment and 13 said they ... Full story
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