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California Green Initiatives Voted Down

Global warming has suffered another great defeat as two propositions in California related to green initiatives were struck down by voters. Specifically, Proposition 7 would have required utilities to generate 40% of their power from renewable energy by 2020 and 50% by 2025. Proposition 10 would have created $5 billion in bond money to help consumers purchase vehicles with high fuel economy or ... Full story

Zinc Mine on Gore’s Property Halts Production

A zinc mine on Gore’s family farm has halted production due to economic reasons. It has become more expensive to mine the minerals than the profit from selling them. The mine closed for the first time in 2003 but started back up in April of this year. Gore recently asked those mining on his farm to try to limit their pollution. ... Full story
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Adapt, Don’t Tax, Global Warming

The liberal elite that continue to push the global warming myth on anyone who will listen, as I've explained in the past, are only out for for your money and control over your lives.  Any possible technology that promises to solve the so-called cause of anthropogenic global warming, namely greenhouse gas emissions, are dismissed by the climate change alarmists even before they see the light ... Full story

Global Warming Stalls Under Tough Global Economy

It seemed for a while that the global warming activists had the upper hand on us over the summer.  Even after foot riots broke out across the country as the price of consumables jumped significantly and shortages popped up around the globe, the pressure was still on from environmentalists everywhere to invest in green technologies.  The price of oil didn't help matters at all; I'm ... Full story

Economy Deals Deathblow to Green Movement

I guess global warming activists didn't see this one coming.  After budgeting millions of dollars in green initiatives, capital is now drying up for most of them as corporations decide to be more frugal with their spending.  General Electric is bailing out of clean technologies and GE Financial is bailing out on them as well, citing the inability go out and borrow money for such ... Full story

Part II: Ten Questions with A Climate Crisis A La Gore Author Paul Spite

This week I conclude my interview with Paul Spite, author of A Climate Crisis a la Gore. Don't forget - as a special bonus to readers of Skeptics Global Warming, Paul has graciously agreed to give away a free signed copy of his book, A Climate Crisis A La Gore, to one ... Full story

It’s OK to Be a Hypocrite If You Have Money

After lambasting the WWF during the last couple of weeks over being a bunch of hypocrites, my post grabbed some attention by someone defending the actions of the WWF.  Apparently, the WWF's trip-of-a-lifetime for 88 people with cash on a jet to exotic places around the world isn't exactly hypocritical.  Even if one person on that trip sees what animal species can be saved by ... Full story

Bill Clinton Praises BC Carbon Tax

Former President Bill "I did not have...relations with that woman" Clinton praised the carbon tax in British Columbia, calling Gordon Campbell's efforts to fight climate change “the greatest economic generator you could embrace.”  Of course, what liberal has viewed a tax that he/she didn't like?  Mr. Clinton is confused.  Taking money out of the pockets of corporations and individuals alike isn't an economic generator.  Taxation ... Full story

Seattle to Fund Climate Change Art

What a waste of cash.  I hope all the residents of Seattle call your mayor about this one.  The city of Seattle's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, in conjunction with Seattle Public Utilities, is hosting a competition for artists in Washington state to submit art to bring attention to global warming and its effects on water supply and drainage utilities.  From the Seattle Office ... Full story

Viscount of Monckton of Brenchley Tries to Set McCain Straight

This is a fascinating letter from the Viscount of Monckton of Brenchley to John McCain regarding global warming.  In it, sea level, global temperature, greenhouse gases and glacial melt are all discussed.  This is a very informative read for any of you in doubt about whether or not "man-made" global warming is a fact, or just another political fallacy generated by those who want your ... Full story
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