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More Smearing of Scientific Scepticism

More Smearing of Scientific Scepticism(Part 1) Via Jennifer Marohasy, September 18, 2009 IT was once the case that if you didn’t believe in anthropogenic global warming (AGW) and the climate crisis you were a scientist in the pay of big oil. That was also an accusation in Chris Mooney’s first book ‘The Republican War on Science’. Mr Full story

Climate Money – Big Government outspends Big Oil

Climate Money – Big Government outspends Big Oil Via JoNova, August 12, 2009 The Exxon “Blame-Game” is a Distracting Side Show Much media attention has relentlessly focused on the influence of “Big Oil”—but the numbers don’t add up. Exxon Mobil is still vilified1 for giving around 23 million dollars, spread over roughly ten years, to skeptics of Full story

Ethanol Companies Want to Expand Amid Financial Crisis

Ethanol companies are lobbying Congress to allow for a federally-mandated limit on ethanol in gasoline to be raised from the current level of 10%. Even in an economic downturn, which has seen many ethanol companies go belly up, many ethanol-producing companies are seeking to expand their business. About 15 percent of the industry’s 171 plants have been idled recently, mostly due to the ... Full story

Be a Better Driver to Save the World

Denver Colorado conducted an experiment with city employees and individual volunteers to determine how much gasoline is wasted during normal driving with the end result being would drivers make conscious decisions to modify their driving habits once they knew how much fuel was being wasted. The experiment was funded by an oil and gas company and, after one year, the detailed data forced drivers ... Full story

Obama Motors!

If California has its way, this may be all that's left for drivers What legislators at the federal and state level don’t seem to understand is a fundamental law of thermodynamics. You cannot get more mileage out of a gallon of gasoline than it possesses. Every form of energy, oil, coal, natural gas, has a specific amount of energy it can produce when used. When you add moonshine like ethanol to ... Full story

From the Blogs

Many of my friends in the global warming skeptics blogosphere do a fantastic job of carrying news items that I either don’t catch or don’t have time to convey to my readers. I’ve posted some of their articles below. Hope you’ll take a few minutes to visit some of these other fine blogs. Here are some of their stories from the last ... Full story

The Earth is in ‘Grave Danger’, Says Gore

Even with a winter storm pounding Washington DC, global warming activist Al Gore gave his testimony this morning before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, headed up by fellow Democrat John Kerry of Massachusetts. Mr. Gore said the nation must break its dependence on oil and that the planet is in grave danger. During his speech, the former Vice President presented a slideshow to ... Full story

Algae and Nuts Could Power Our Planes

A mixture of traditional jet fuel with fuel made from algae and jatropha nuts could power the friendly skies in the future, according to this article from the Washington Times. The Jatropha plant is native to Central America but grows around the world and is touted by experts as a promising plant source for bio-diesel oil. Makers of this “green crude” are still ... Full story

Six Most Embarrassing Moments in Environmentalism

Every so often it’s fun to take a step back and poke a little fun at the global warming alarmists here at Skeptics Global Warming. Many incriminate themselves with sheer hypocrisy and arrogance that does little to further their cause: to stop global temperatures from rising by reducing man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Every time one of these supposed friends of the ... Full story

New Administration May Place Hold on Offshore Drilling

I hope this isn’t the change we can expect to believe in. The Obama administration may place a hold on a proposed issue made during the final days of the Bush Administration to expand offshore drilling into previously banned areas. This plan would allow 31 lease sales of energy exploration sites off the coasts of Alaska and California. Does this mean that ... Full story
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