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CSIRO bid to gag ETS attack

The CSIRO is supposed to be the nation’s top scientific body, but it is up to its neck in the grubby politics of climate change by attempting to silence a critic of the government’s oh-so-wonderful ETS: THE nation’s peak science agency has tried to gag the publication of a paper by one of its senior environmental Full story

Turnbull reveals that it’s popularity that’s the key to ETS policy

Bugger your principles, just as long as we're popular. That's the message from Malcolm Turnbull today, as he takes aim at "climate sceptics". I always thought that honourable politicians stood up for their principles, and didn't run around trying desperately to be liked - clearly I was wrong. "If you want to go out there on the climate sceptic platform, believe me you'll get ... Full story

Angry response to Turnbull’s threat

Malcolm Turnbull's threat to quit has provoked all sorts of hostile reaction, as was to be expected: Nationals Senate leader Barnaby Joyce told The Australian Online today the bottom line was that Mr Turnbull  “is not the leader of my party”. And rebel Liberal MP Mr Tuckey has fired back on calls he fall into line, warning Mr Turnbull that the last ... Full story

China to Count Abortions as Carbon Offsets

At the link below, the author has a video (which is mostly audio with photos) of a Glenn Beck interview with Chris Horner. China is counting abortions as carbon offset credits. As I mentioned earlier this week in an opinion piece, it’s come down to population control and the infringement on basic human rights all in the name of saving the planet. Full story

My Thoughts on Gore as Climate Change Czar

There could be a good reason why Al Gore was not appointed to be part of Barack Obama’s administration. Maybe he paid all of his taxes, and on time. That’s an instant disqualification. Full story

Uncontrolled Population Growth Threatens Planet

After writing the article on how abortion and taxes are being used to limit population growth in an effort to save the planet, the BBC has come out with an article today on the very same subject. It seems that uncontrolled population growth is hindering efforts to save the planet. The answer isn’t simply just reducing consumption, but reducing populations as, according to ... Full story

Taxation or Abortion to Save the World

After the infamous Roe vs. Wade case in 1973, women across the United States gained the right to choose whether their unborn child would live or die. In what has become the corner stone of women’s rights, pro-choice advocates across the country have petitioned and protested any hint of legislation or candidate that posed a potential risk to this precious “right”. Today, with ... Full story

Struggling Solar Firm? The Government Will Bail You Out

Struggling solar firms hit hard by significant cuts in energy prices and low demand due to the economic crisis are turning to public projects to keep their businesses afloat in the United Kingdom. Britain’s plan to halve the cost of installing solar panels on schools and low-income housing has helped the struggling solar companies by employing them to install these green devices, all footed ... Full story

Control the Population to Save the World

Here’s a shocker. In typical communist China fashion, environmental elites are suggesting that any more than two children per household is considered taxing on the environment. A new report due out next month will suggest that curbing population growth through better family “planning” (e.g. government-funded abortions, anyone?) will be needed to fight global warming. Full story

Obama Motors!

If California has its way, this may be all that's left for drivers What legislators at the federal and state level don’t seem to understand is a fundamental law of thermodynamics. You cannot get more mileage out of a gallon of gasoline than it possesses. Every form of energy, oil, coal, natural gas, has a specific amount of energy it can produce when used. When you add moonshine like ethanol to ... Full story
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