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Greenies blamed for Victoria bushfires’ scale

Greenies blamed for Victoria bushfires’ scale From The Australian, February 12, 2009 THE green movement was yesterday blamed for the severity of the Victorian fires that cost so many lives and ruined so much property. David Packham, a former supervising meteorologist for fire weather nationwide at the Bureau of Meteorology, said environmentalists’ politically successful campaign to stop controlled Full story

Antarctic Weather Station All Snowed In

A weather station down on the frozen continent of Antarctica has been buried under the snow. Anthony Watts, most famous for his blog and his Surface Stations site that tracks the conditions of temperature stations across the country, has some opinions on how weather stations buried in snow perform and what that means to the overall surface temperature tracking. Full story

With So Much Ice and Snow, the Salt Might Run Out

The wintry conditions in the United Kingdom aren’t expected to get any better in the near-term and local authorities are worried that salt used to clear the streets may run out. West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper remarked, "I wonder whether we have become a bit too complacent or we are being a bit too bowled over by the constant talk of global warming and ... Full story

Britain Experiences Heaviest Snow in 20 Years

(On a tip from Jeremy). Britain is getting pounded by the heaviest snow in 20 years, according to the Times Online. Thousands of schools are closed and all of London’s bus services were halted, stranding some six million passengers. An estimated one in five commuters opted to stay home rather than brave the wintry conditions, costing industry hundreds of millions of pounds. ... Full story

No Posts Today and SuperBowl Prediction

I’m going to make it a long weekend folks, and I’ll leave you in the very capable hands of some fellow skeptics and conservatives. Here are a few of my favorite blogs: If you want the latest in global warming news, visit Tom Nelson’s blog. The man is a global warming news reporting machine. If you’re looking for some perspective on recent global warming ... Full story

Hot in Australia Now? Think back to 1900

(H/T: Tom Nelson). Jennifer Marohasy dug up some interesting news from January 1, 1900, when Australia was battling a heat wave similar to today, in addition to floods and severe drought. Just think, the country was battling symptoms of global warming back before there were any major carbon dioxide emissions. Besides, I thought localized weather events couldn’t be blamed on ... Full story

United Arab Emirates Records Second Snowfall…In Recorded History

Snow fell in the United Arab Emirates on Friday for only the second time in recorded history. What started as a a snowfall at 3:00 PM local time turned into a heavy snowfall by 8:00 PM. The last time the snow fell was on December 28, 2004. Before that time, no records indicate any snowfall. Temperatures fluctuated between 10 degrees C ... Full story

Do More Greenhouse Gases Raise The Earth’s Temperature?

January 21, 2009 by Stephen Wilde In his latest article for CO2Sceptics.Com, Stephen Wilde establishes that the correct description of the Earth's climate system is that of a pair of in line (series) electrical resistors of hugely different sizes with each being independently variable. Additionally the weather systems provide a variable air flow across them and the hydrological cycle provides a variable water cooling system. All observed ... Full story

NOAA Claim Relative to 2008 is BS

Just this week, NWS threw out what would have been an all-time state record for Illinois based on NWS citing lack of confidence in equipment, claiming “ASOS better than AWOS”. Anthony Watts responded in this post (”when we see public information statements like the one yesterday from the National Weather Service telling us that the ASOS system is more acceptable that an AWOS system calibrated just the day before, I’m quite ... Full story

How Many More Must Die?

Mark A. Rose over at the Right Minded blog has a great sense of humor that resonates with me. Henry Waxman has promised swift action on legislation to cut greenhouse gas emissions before Memorial Day. But with the planet not warming up over the last decade, even with “dangerous” carbon dioxide building in the atmosphere, shouldn’t the Democrats stop and think about what ... Full story
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