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Julie Bishop mentions the ‘N’-word

And about time too. The government is plunging us headfirst into an emissions trading scheme, yet we rely almost entirely on coal and gas for electricity generation (if you discount a bit of hydro and a token solar panel and wind farm here and there). The US, UK, France and many other developed economies, on Related posts:... Full story

Climate extremists tell Rudd: don’t negotiate the ETS

This could be the best news we've heard all week. A group comprising some of the worst climate alarmists on the planet have threatened to withdraw their support for the ETS if it is "watered down": The Southern Cross Climate Coalition - which includes the Australian Conservation Foundation, Climate Institute, World Wildlife Fund, Australian Council of Social Service and ACTU - has written to Prime ... Full story

Climate fiction from EC President

Actually it's not just fiction, but outright . Writing in the Fairfax press this morning, where else, Jose Manuel Barroso clearly hasn't been looking out of the window for the last 10 years: CLIMATE change is happening faster than we believed only two years ago. Continuing with business as usual almost certainly means dangerous, perhaps catastrophic, climate change during the course of this century. This ... Full story

Action on wind farm radar threat to aircraft

Full story

Report: Green Jobs Not Always Good Jobs

(H/T: Tony Phyrillas). It seems green jobs aren’t what people hoped for, according to a new study. The report says that while some sectors in green technology do find employees treated fairly with good wages, others are paying substandard wages and not treating their employees well. In response to this, employees are forming unions, which face union-busting campaigns by management. ... Full story

Obama to Make U.S. Energy Independent

The Obama Administration outlined its energy priorities, citing a need for the United States to not be held “hostage to dwindling resources, hostile regimes, and a warming planet". He called for increased fuel efficiency and an energy economy that would create millions of jobs. Obama said, "y administration will not deny facts. We will be guided by them." Sort of like the ... Full story

Six Most Embarrassing Moments in Environmentalism

Every so often it’s fun to take a step back and poke a little fun at the global warming alarmists here at Skeptics Global Warming. Many incriminate themselves with sheer hypocrisy and arrogance that does little to further their cause: to stop global temperatures from rising by reducing man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Every time one of these supposed friends of the ... Full story

New Administration May Place Hold on Offshore Drilling

I hope this isn’t the change we can expect to believe in. The Obama administration may place a hold on a proposed issue made during the final days of the Bush Administration to expand offshore drilling into previously banned areas. This plan would allow 31 lease sales of energy exploration sites off the coasts of Alaska and California. Does this mean that ... Full story

Antarctica Getting Warmer, But No One Knows Why

A report published in the journal Nature concludes that Antarctica has been warming over the last 50 years after studying combined land and satellite readings. The problem is that no one really knows how much is from man-made sources and how much is natural with no anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions emitted from the continent. Drew Shindell from NASA’s GISS in New York is ... Full story

Charlotte, North Carolina Coldest in Four Years

At 7 a.m. this morning, the temperature at Charlotte-Douglass International Airport was 12 degrees F, the coldest reading since a 10-degree F morning back in January 2005. WIth temperatures only expected to hit 30 degrees F today, it will be the first time since 2005 when they did not reach freezing. A couple of hours to the west, Boone hit a low of ... Full story
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